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Self-empowerment holds the key to transitioning from your current position to your desired destination.

I am a product of experiences and emotions, both good and bad, and depression has been a significant part of my life, nearly leading me to the point of giving up. Despite a loving and supportive family, depression still found its way to me.

I struggled to understand the reasons behind my sadness and even after, I learned that chemicals played a role, medication didn’t provide the life I desired. I felt adrift, lacking control over my emotions. It was time for a journey of self-discovery, searching for ways to navigate the calm and turbulent times.

In my late forties, I pursued my passion for helping others by exploring Life Coaching. Initially skeptical, I gave it a try and discovered the power of controlling my reactions to emotions. I studied Life Coaching and now assist others in discovering their ‘why’ and realizing their ‘how’.

By providing intimate and effective support through face-to-face or long-distance coaching, I have witnessed the transformations and self-empowerment of my clients. Whether it’s career changes, goal attainment, emotional intelligence development, or going from surviving to thriving, self-empowerment is the key to moving forward.

Join me on this journey of improved control and empowerment.


Three ways work with you

Online Sessions

A comprehensive selection of topics to choose from! I have compiled these sessions through my Life Coaching experiences with clients and have imparted information that I have found to work the best. The sessions are packed with tools for you to use in your life and are designed to increase your Emotional Intelligence. This in turn increases your ability to make healthy choices and gain a sense of self-control. Session 1, 2 and 3 are best used as a unit and in this order. (Values, Anti-Values and Rules) Session 4 and 5 are best used as a unit and in this order. (Thought Patterns & Beliefs and Unpacking Beliefs)


My rooms are located in Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The tranquil, relaxing and, private environment sets the tone for our sessions together. I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you are here with me as we navigate our way to you living your best life. Life Coaching can include setting goals, changing career paths, increasing self-esteem, and strengthening relationships. We cover a diverse range of needs and nothing is considered too big or too insignificant to take into account.

Virtual Coaching

Through the use of digital platforms and communication tools, individuals can now participate in life coaching from the comfort of their own homes or any location of their choice. It offers flexibility in scheduling, eliminating the need for travel and allowing clients to connect with me from anywhere in the world. The virtual setting provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to reflect, gain insights, and develop strategies to create positive changes in their lives. In an increasingly digital world, virtual life coaching offers a dynamic and effective means of personal development and empowerment.

Byron Ambler

"Lynne is an outstanding life coach that has only your best interests at heart. Lynne has helped me through the hardest times of my life, taught me coping mechanisms, morals, and setting goals and has helped me overcome so much."

Byron Ambler

Nix and Stephen Keyser

"We loved our sessions with Lynne for our pre-marriage course. We found this course to be a great building block for the foundation of our marriage. We would highly recommend this course to any couple that wants a long-lasting and happy marriage."

Nix and Stephen Keyser


"After experiencing the collapse of my first marriage despite extensive and ultimately futile marriage counseling, Lynne's extraordinary skill at cutting through the emotional noise helped me to help myself. I will be forever grateful to her."


Jenna and Shaun

"So grateful we decided to do the marriage course with Lynne. We got so much more out of it than just the course material. Would highly recommend it to any engaged couple."

Jenna and Shaun

Sharon Butler

"Lynne has succeeded in helping me in my personal life as well as our business. Her life skills coaching has been hugely successful amongst my management staff, assessing management staff extremely accurately and teaching me to stay calm when possible, and to cope with emotional stress, thereby enabling success. I would highly recommend anyone."

Sharon Butler

Penny Munro

"I began seeing Lynne as I hit a low point in my career. Thanks to Lynne's tailormade program, I have gone in a different direction in my career, couldn’t be happier and know that if I did not do this program I would still have been stuck!"

Penny Munro


"Hesitant about seeing a life coach, I thought at first my problems would be too big to deal with, as I suffer from Type II Bipolar, amongst other diagnoses. Yet Lynne's knowledge and wisdom and gentle, yet firm approach sky-rocketed my confidence sky-rocketed and saved my life. In eight sessions, I achieved what I could not achieve with a dozen psychologists in 20 years."



"I came to Lynne after losing myself and not knowing at all how to get myself back. Since Lynne opened her door I felt trust, open-mindedness, humility, and humour. I felt listened to, I felt heard. I trust her wholeheartedly and would recommend her to anyone. "


Communication for leaders

A leader is not just a leader because of the knowledge they have about the business, it is about setting a tone in which people want to give of their best. The only way that a leader can do this is communicating effectively.

Do you as a leader unwittingly put your colleagues into fight, flight, freeze or standby mode? It doesn’t take much to do so as humans are hypersensitive to cues to self-preserve. Having staff members in this state is more detrimental to your business and staff productivity than you think it is especially when you don’t know how to bring them out of that space.

Emotional Intelligence is not static, it is learned and can be developed. Communicating with Emotional Intelligence will bring your staff out of their stressed states and allow them to thrive because you are minimizing stress through your communication.

Communicating effectively encourages trust, better relationships, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, sets a positive and safe tone within the workplace and therefore enhances productivity.

Parent & Teen Communication

There is an undeniable bond between most parents and teens. I put it down to shared cells but at times, it feels that neither teen nor parent even know who the other is.

Teens take their parent’s values and mash them up properly and then add a few that they have learned and stretch the mix to the maximum before they make them their own. As shared values is the base of any relationship, this can be a very confusing and stressful time. It is a huge part of the teen parent disconnection and once disconnected, things can spiral into very unfamiliar territory. Communication becomes difficult but it is so essential to unravel the chaos and reconnect.

Through solution-based communication so much of this can be resolved. If we add heightened emotional intelligence, where both teen and parent are understanding their own emotions and are empathetic, the chance of a great relationship is good.

Through healthy communication in a safe environment, mother or father and son or daughter sessions together, works well. The transfer of the skills learned together, once back dealing with life, is fantastic as you can help each other through “oops” patches.

Couples Coaching

Life Coaching is fantastic for couples launching into the next phase of their lives. The commitment phase and readying yourselves for your forever together phase is exciting and scary all wrapped up in one. The scary part comes from heading into territory that is previously unknown to you, but going into it with the correct tools and more knowledge will settle that scary bit.

I have been privileged to be part of many of these journeys and through experience, I have put together a six session program to prepare you for your future together.

The sessions are designed to heighten empathy and understanding for each other. It highlights topics that need to be raised but are not so obvious to identify so are rarely spoken about. We chat about each other’s values and combine them comfortably; we talk about expectations and the value of growing each other as people and highlight the kick back for your relationship. We chat about the hard stuff in a safe space and learn how to keep chatting about it. We look at age old beliefs about relationships and decide which ones enhance your relationship and which ones you can throw out.

It is a fun but informative course that is coached with heart and soul as I negotiate my marriage of 35 years and counting.

PS: No matter where you are in your marriage, life coaching is great because of the increased Emotional Intelligence component of it. So, this course is for everyone on this journey especially if it has got a bit potholed and difficult to negotiate.


There are many approaches that I as a life coach can use. Sometimes a course will be great for a client but sometimes a freeform approach is more applicable. This means that I help you overcome a specific problem that you are experiencing. I coach face to face in my rooms or I coach over zoom or a WhatsApp call. You are also able to sign up for my online course or single sessions that you find interesting. It is super fantastic for understanding yourself and your emotions, getting rid of the baggage and moving forward. An EQ upper of note!

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I understand that you want better for your life, because I have been there. I am made up of a patchwork of experiences and emotions. In every case, the key to moving from where you are to where you want to be is a sense of self-empowerment. This is the journey that I facilitate.

With training in both education and coaching, over a decade in experience and over 500 clients living their best lives, I look forward to help you move through, move up and move on with your life.

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