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Introduction & Choices (Free)

Life Coaching covers a broad spectrum of needs. Clients who come to me want to change careers, reach an evasive goal, develop their Emotional Intelligence…

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Session 1:
About You

I need to get to know you better in order for me to respond to your reflections in the best way possible. Answering these questions will give me some insight into…

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Session 2:

Our values are stored in the neocortex section of our brain. This part of the brain stores all our learned “stuff” and is not part of our survival area of the brain…

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Session 3:

While values are what we are drawn to and want to experience and feel, anti-values are what we try to avoid as best we can. We don’t like to feel them…

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Session 4:

The rules that we speak of here, are the rules that we have made up for ourselves to live by and that allow us to feel accepted. We have rules about absolutely everything…

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Session 5:
Thought Patterns & Beliefs

Beliefs about yourself, are formed through thoughts that are attached to emotion and are reinforced by you. The original thought could have been initiated by…

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Session 6:
Unpacking Beliefs

Question your negative and positive beliefs and question where they come from or why you believe them to be true. Question if these beliefs and thought patterns are…

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Session 7:
Human Emotional Needs

As far as we can establish, our hard wiring has not changed since “back in the day” and both the survival and emotional part of our brains are hard wired…

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Session 8:

Take responsibility and do what is best for you so that you are able to move out of the victim space. No blaming or justifying or persecuting or looking for…

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Session 9:

No goal is too small and no goal is out of your reach if you give it the energy to grow. It may not always be easy and it may not always go according to your exact…

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Session 10:
Facing Fears

Negotiating conflict from a non-threatening perspective allows us to find lasting solutions to the conflict. No one functions well when feeling under threat so…

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Session 11:
Conflict Control & Communication

Anger is a perfectly healthy and natural response to feeling threatened. It is part of our survival mechanism and we do indeed need it to survive. But anger is…

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Session 12:

Boundaries are about self-care. Boundaries give you and others a benchmark for what you can or will tolerate and are made because you value the relationship with another…

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Session 13:

Forgiveness is not about forgetting that something painful happened. It is not about excusing or condoning poor behaviour or about minimizing your hurt. There may never…

Your Choice of Membership

Read and Reflect

Read and Reflect gives you access to all of the sessions and their reflective questionnaires. This option does not require any further interaction with me and is entirely self-contained. You can complete the sessions at your own pace and reflect upon the sessions in your own space.

Read and Write

Read and Write gives you access to all of the sessions and their reflective questionnaires. Once you have completed the session and questionnaire, you will email your reflections to me and I will provide you with written feedback.

Read and Respond

Read and Respond gives you access to all of the sessions and their reflective questionnaires. I will provide you with written feedback for each session. We will then schedule a one-on-one talk discussing the sessions, your responses and my feedback.

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